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Noncompete Agreement

New Jersey Noncompete Agreement Lawyer

Noncompete agreements are critical for employers. By signing a noncompete agreement, an employee is agreeing not to engage in a profession or trade that competes with his or her employer. Because employers invest considerable time and resources in the training of employees, and often divulge secrets of their trade, the enforceability and effectiveness of noncompete agreements is essential.

Noncompete agreements place limitations on employees for a specified period of time concerning the type of employment and geographic area in which the employee may seek new employment or start a competing business. Noncompete agreements should be carefully drafted, reviewed and contemplated by all parties to minimize the likelihood of future conflicts.

Our Legal Services

Lum, Drasco & Positan is dedicated to serving the dynamic needs of business owners. We represent employers in noncompete agreement disputes. We are frequently retained by executives as well who require an experienced business law attorney to review noncompete agreements. We also assist clients with the negotiation and review of severance packages.

Resolution Of Noncompete Agreement Disputes

Our team of skilled and experienced litigators is committed to helping employers resolve noncompete agreement disputes. We assist employers when employees challenge the enforceability of noncompete agreements and also pursue damages when such agreements have been violated.

Our focus is on the delivery of effective and cost-efficient legal services. To that end, our business lawyers are committed to identifying creative and proactive ways to help our clients avoid protracted litigation when possible, often utilizing negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes. When necessary, we have skilled and experienced litigators who can provide the strong advocacy our clients require in the courtroom.

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From our office in Roseland, we serve clients throughout northern New Jersey and New York City. To schedule a consultation with a New Jersey noncompete agreement attorney at our firm, call 973-403-9000 or contact us by email

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