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Whistleblower Defense

New Jersey Whistleblower Defense Lawyers

Any employee who has been terminated can claim they were fired for inappropriate reasons, including whistleblowing. At the law office of Lum, Drasco & Positan, we understand how seriously these types of claims can affect your business reputation and operations. That is why we use our more than 140 years of experience to aggressively fight these charges and protect the face of your company.

Founded in 1870, our law firm has been providing experienced and highly sophisticated representation to employers throughout New Jersey. Contact our employment law attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Guidance on Workplace Retaliation Lawsuits

Our experienced lawyers will analyze your current company policies and procedures to ensure that they obtain the necessary materials to best protect your rights should a whistleblower claim arise. We have also drafted entirely separate whistleblower notices for companies to distribute to employees, outlining their rights and what steps to follow should an issue arise.

At our New Jersey law firm, we also conduct training for companies in non-retaliatory conduct. Certain steps can be taken by you to avoid future liability and create certain affirmative defenses that will help greatly down the road.

Defense Against Claims of Violating CEPA

Many of our clients have been accused of violating the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA). This law protects employees from retaliation when they report criminal or other illegal activity. Our aggressive team of lawyers has successfully fought these charges for our clients in the past and we have the sophisticated skills and knowledge required to fight them for you as well.

Contact our Employment Defense Law Firm

If you have been accused of wrongfully terminating an employee, do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with an attorney about your employment law rights. We know how to defend the rights of businesses throughout New Jersey.

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