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Spinal Cord Injury

New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

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The costs of a serious spinal cord injury can be enormous. Expenses include lengthy hospital stays, ongoing rehabilitation and physical therapy, necessary medical equipment like braces, walkers or canes, lost wages and, perhaps most importantly, a loss in the quality of your life. Insurance companies are aware of the long-term financial impact of spinal cord injuries but they are often unwilling to provide a settlement proportional to an injury victim's financial needs. At the law office of Lum, Drasco & Positan, our attorneys work with experienced medical economists and life-care planners to prepare cost-data analyses for spinal cord injury victims. We know how important proper valuation of healthcare costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other long-term expenses are to any personal injury lawsuit. That is why we diligently prepare for each case and demand compensation proportional to the current and future needs of our clients.

If you or a family member are facing significant medical bills and lost wages due to a severe spinal cord injury, contact personal injury attorneys at Lum, Drasco & Positan today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Acts of Negligence

The law office of Lum, Drasco & Positan represents people suffering from severe spinal cord injuries sustained from:

  • Serious Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian knockdowns
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Other negligent actions

Providing for the Financial Security of Spinal Cord Injury Victims

Due to the long-term effects and costs associated with spinal cord injuries, establishing a special needs trust or structured settlement may be a good option. Creating a special needs trust allows the parents or spouse of the victim to set aside award or settlement money for future medical needs and other expenses. Additionally, any money set aside in a special needs trust is exempt from Medicaid eligibility calculations, thus making nursing home planning easier. As a result, should a spinal cord injury victim need long-term or institutional care, they will not be required to spend down their award assets first before qualifying for Medicaid. Special needs trust funds are also exempt from certain kinds of taxes.

Our estate planning attorneys like can help you determine whether a special needs trust is a good fit for your loved one suffering from the lifelong effects of a spinal cord injury.

Contact Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys at Lum, Drasco & Positan

The impact of a serious spinal cord injury like a herniated disc, crushed vertebrae or ruptured disc can be significant, resulting in loss of sensation, chronic pain, loss of mobility and full or partial paralysis. At Lum, Drasco & Positan, our attorneys consult medical experts, physical therapists, and other medical professionals to establish the scope and nature of our client's injuries.

Do not let an insurance company dictate the terms of your settlement - contact spinal cord injury attorneys Dennis J. Drasco, Cynthia A. Matheke and Michael F. Nestor at the Lum Firm today.

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